Business Update

(Warning to Merlin: This post may revive some traumatic memories.)

My manager is off on holiday in China so I’ve been doing closing each day which means I’ve had to do all of the daily paperwork at the end of each day. It also means that Tuesday night I had to do inventory myself. The paperwork isn’t that bad, but doing inventory is a pain in the butt.

The newly promoted assistant manager has been taking care of opening most days, but on Wednesday he had the day off too, so I had to do opening and closing. Otherwise things have been running pretty smoothly.

Today we got a bit of a shocker. The main Subway office notified me of a complaint by a customer they had received. Let’s just say that the customer found something in the sandwich not normally included on the menu. It was also quite surprising because the additional ingredient is not normally seen in our shop and also is something that would be kind of hard to overlook when making a sandwich.

Once my wife contacted the customer the story got even more bizarre with her claiming things that couldn’t possibly have happened at our store. Eventually the customer changed stories and said it happened at a different Subway store. I still have my doubts about the whole episode. It’s a good thing that Subway has training on handling such incidents.

A few days ago I got a schedule of radio ad spots for Subway. Tonight we finally heard our first ad on “Hit Radio”. The advertising for Subway in Taiwan hasn’t been all that great, so it was nice to see some advertising show up.

There’s a new shop going in two doors down from us. It has been under construction for several weeks now and we just found out that it will be a second-hand luxury clothing store. It’s looking quite attractive and they are really putting a lot of effort into it.

I felt that this area was improving when I rented the location and since then there have been a few new stores open and some others remodeling, so it seems my hunch was correct. When the new MRT (subway) line goes in three years from now things should hopefully get even better.

Today I finally got a checking account for the business. Most of you reading this will wonder what the big deal about this is. In the US you can register a business and have a checking account open immediately after. Checking accounts in Taiwan are almost unheard of for individuals and hard to get for new businesses.

After first being turned down due to lack of credit history in Taiwan, my wife and I talked the bank into considering my US credit history and once they did they approved it. I got my check book today.


Sunday we went down to Taipei 101 (tallest building in the world) to go to Page One bookstore. Emily got a book about dinosaurs, Maggie got two travel guides, and I got V For Vendetta, Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind, The FairTax Book, Freakonomics, and Castle In The Air.

I was kind of pissed off to find that they now have The Tipping Point in stock in both trade paperback and pocket paperback. Last time I went there specifically looking for it and they didn’t have it, so I ended up ordering it from and ended up paying a lot more with the international shipping. Oh well…

For dinner we went to Chili’s were I had a Buffalo Chicken Salad (which I shared with Maggie), a chocolate cake with a huge scoop of ice cream on top (which I shared with Emily) and a large Stella Artois (which I didn’t share with anyone.

Equifax Still Sucks

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls. If you took my advice last year to go get a copy of your free annual credit reports, it’s time to go get your updated reports. If you haven’t looked at your credit report at all, go do it right now:

Annual Credit Report official site

Anyways, if you recall from last year, I had problems accessing my free Equifax credit report while I had no problem getting my reports from Experian or TransUnion. Last year Equifax was able to generate my report but then would give me bizarre login errors when I tried to access it. I was finally able to get them to unlock it after a few days after finding out how to contact their customer service (which for some reason is treated like a state secret).

This year, I was again able to get my TransUnion and Experian credit reports quite easily. Equifax on the other hand “couldn’t verify my information”, the same exact information the other two CRAs were able to verify just fine. They gave me a PDF form to fill out and mail in. Almost makes you wonder if they do this on purpose to try to get you to end up paying for it.

PS To Equifax: I paid $6 each to Experian and TransUnion to get my credit scores too. Too bad I never got far enough to buy one from you.

Flag Burning

From Scott Adams’ blog:

I consider myself a highly patriotic guy and I understand how people can get worked up over the flag being burned. I love my flag. But symbols are personal things, and everyone is free to interpret them however they see fit. For me, a flag that I’m NOT allowed to burn is a symbol that the government is too intrusive in my life. And it’s an insult to anyone who died to defend freedom. But that’s just me. You might prefer your symbols of freedom to have as many restrictions as possible.

It seems to me that the great thing about the flag is that it symbolizes something inherently indestructible: the concept of freedom. You can burn the flag as many times as you want and the concept of freedom is not only still there – it’s stronger. I like that about my flag. I would go so far as to say it’s my flag’s best feature.