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For any users who didn’t get the memo:

****************************** IMPORTANT ****************************** is SHUTTING DOWN on February 28, 2007. You will need to
arrange other hosting service and move all your files and databases
before then.

See the wiki for more information:

****************************** IMPORTANT ******************************


Last night Taiwan Beer (台湾啤酒) sponsored a Forumosa Happy Hour at Alleycat’s Lishui Jie. Sponsorship involved Taiwan Beer paying the entire bar tab that night after 9pm. They also invited a couple of TV crews to come in and film the festivities. So at some point you may see me on TV saying “I love Taiwan Beer! Cheers!”

I got there early so I could get a table and some food before the festivities began. I was the first Forumosan there, but a few people started drifting in later. People really started arriving past 9pm and my table was soon filled up with people, and Alleycat was going around delivering beers in bulk. Taiwan Beer was paying regardless of the type of beer served, so most of us started out Hoegaarden. When the cameras arrived suddenly dozens of bottles of Taiwan Beer sprouted in the middle of every table.

Final count for me was 1 small salami pizza, 1 Caesar salad, 2 large Hoegaardens, and 2 small bottles of Taiwan Beer. That may have had something to do with sleeping past noon today.

Press, Release!

My friend’s new business, has issued a press release:’s New Website Helps Parents Preserve Chinese Culture and Language for Their Children launches to help parents share the Chinese language and culture with their children.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) June 28, 2006 — today announced the launch of their new website designed to provide a large selection of books, DVDs, and educational products to help parents to educate their children in their native language and share their cultural heritage.


Business Bug Bites Again

A friend of mine has gotten bit with the business bug too and today has launched the Asian Parent online store, selling Chinese language childrens books and videos. If you are an overseas Chinese parent or just want to introduce your children to the Chinese language, this is a good site to check out.


There’s a very emotional description of snooze’s last moments posted on his blog.


One of the cliches about dying is that one will live on in the memories of others. One of the odd things about snooze’s passing is that this cliche has even more meaning. His blog is still online, and updates are still being posted about him, if not by him. On DruidMUCK his virtual character snooze is even still connected, and his ‘bot’ features are still working away at converting URLs to shortcuts.

He also left behind several of his DJ mixes, some posted on his web site, others being collected together again by his friends. I played some of his mixes in the store on Tuesday in his honor. He was also the one who was constantly recommending interesting new things. I know that I learned about new music, new anime and new video blogs (like Tiki Bar TV and ze frank) from him.