Future Hosting seems unclear on the concept

So Future Hosting’s response to the payment problem is:

Your payment was received after the cutoff period for the invoice which is why it wasn’t automatically applied to the account.

There’s two problems with this response:

1) The payment confirmation email arrived 30 hours prior to my subscription being ended. Somehow in these 30 hours their system was unable to figure out that the payment had been made and the invoice should be credited.

2) The account is set up for automatic credit card payment. You know guys, that means that it’s YOUR responsibility to make sure that YOU charge my card AND credit my account on time. It’s not my problem unless there’s a declined charge or something similar. Don’t make it sound like my fault when you can’t figure out how to run a billing system.

Future Hosting continuing to act like clowns

I think it is finally time to look for another VPS host. Future Hosting seems to have botched this month’s billing and ended my subscription. Yesterday I received email from them saying that they had received my monthly payment. Today I open up my mail and find that my subscription has ended for non-payment. When I go to the control panel I see the following:

Balance $0.00
Documents to be paid $9.95
Unused payments $9.95

So it looks like they received my payment but forgot to apply it to my invoice, then ended the subscription because the invoice wasn’t paid. Brilliant!

Anyone have any suggestions for a basic VPS around $10-15/month with Debian Etch unmanaged/no-cpanel? Excluding Spry/VPSlink and anything in Seattle, not because I don’t like them, but because I want diversity in provider and geography for the secondary VPS.

Rose Hosting has a decent discount special with their basic plan at $15/month. I’ve used them previously and was happy with them except that VPSlink had a much better deal going at one point and I switched to them. If anyone has any other suggestions for me to consider, please let me know.