Future Hosting continuing to act like clowns

I think it is finally time to look for another VPS host. Future Hosting seems to have botched this month’s billing and ended my subscription. Yesterday I received email from them saying that they had received my monthly payment. Today I open up my mail and find that my subscription has ended for non-payment. When I go to the control panel I see the following:

Balance $0.00
Documents to be paid $9.95
Unused payments $9.95

So it looks like they received my payment but forgot to apply it to my invoice, then ended the subscription because the invoice wasn’t paid. Brilliant!

Anyone have any suggestions for a basic VPS around $10-15/month with Debian Etch unmanaged/no-cpanel? Excluding Spry/VPSlink and anything in Seattle, not because I don’t like them, but because I want diversity in provider and geography for the secondary VPS.

Rose Hosting has a decent discount special with their basic plan at $15/month. I’ve used them previously and was happy with them except that VPSlink had a much better deal going at one point and I switched to them. If anyone has any other suggestions for me to consider, please let me know.

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