Just when you thought it was over (again)

Was feeling pretty chipper on Sunday morning, just a little bit of a runny nose and slightly scratchy throat. So I decided not to wimp out and stay home just to fully get over it. Besides, some friends of the family were up to Taipei visiting from Tainan and my nephew Jason was going home to Hong Kong after a short visit, so it’d be good to get out with them for a while. The day went fairly well, and after getting home I was a bit more tired than normal so I went to bed a bit early, but I didn’t figure that was terribly unusual after being sick.

A few hours later I woke up because my cat was sitting up next to me staring at me instead of sound asleep down by my feet. That’s usually his way of saying he wants to go out. So I get up and let him out of the bedroom and lie back down. And then notice, boy do I feel terrible. After tossing and turning for a couple of hours, I end up on the floor of the bathroom getting rid of my dinner. After that I’m feeling better, so my wife helped me clean up and go back to bed. Slept for a couple of hours and then went through the same thing again. Finally was able to get back to bed and slept in pretty late and now feel OK. This looks like food poisoning, except I ate exactly the same food as eight other people here and NONE of them had any problems. Sigh.

I was again impressed that my cat seemed to know there was something wrong before I did, getting up to watch over me before I noticed I wasn’t well. After cleaning up he was rubbing up against me and then parked himself at the foot of the bed in “guard cat” position instead of sleeping for the rest of the night.