Media Player Classic could not render MEDIASUBTYPE_YV12

This is a bizarre problem I ran into on my new desktop that I wasn’t able to find a solution to by googling, so hopefully this post will help some other poor soul avoid hours of banging head against keyboard which is not good for either head or keyboard. Anyways…

Let’s say you have an XP Pro x64 64-bit system. You’ve installed Avisynth and DGMPGDEC and have run dgindex on some video and set up an avs project file for it. Most things read it in fine, like AvsP and Megui. But when you try to play it with Media Player Classic you get an error that it can not render MEDIASUBTYPE_YV12.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with a 64-bit OS, but I’ve done the same thing on 32-bit systems before and never ran into the problem. It could also be a quirk in the software versions of the programs I use. Anyhow, I’m putting all this in so that the next person to search on the terms I was searching on will find some useful advice.

There is one easy workaround for it which is to stick “converttorgb()” at the end of the avs file, but that has issues of its own once you get to encoding or whatever else you were going to do with the avs project.

There are a few pointers in google to setting ffdshow to use the RGB YV12 output conversion settings to solve the problem, which is the wrong advice but put me on the right path.

The real solution is to bring up the ffdshow “Video decoder configuration” program, click on codecs, scroll all the way to the bottom and find the “Raw Video” format. Click on the second column (which probably says “disabled”) and a little pulldown menu will come up. Set it to “all supported” and then click on the “OK” button at the bottom.

Should play just fine now.

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  1. UPDATE: You can also install either DIVX or XVID to solve this problem. However, XVID seems to have some problems on x64 systems and the only x64 versions are very old.

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