Windows Update Fail

For several days now my desktop system has been trying and failing to install a windows update for “Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio” over and over again. The update was from 2004 so it is unclear why this was suddenly something it is trying to install now. I finally got whatever it was resolved:

– In Device Manager (Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager) expand the “System devices” category

– For each “Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio” device, right click and select “uninstall”

– It will ask you to reboot; do so.

– When it reboots it will reinstall the device and ask you to reboot again; do so.

– Now you should no longer see the update trying to install.

(It may try and fail to install the update again during the two reboots but just ignore that. It should be back to normal after the final reboot.)

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