CWB says it’ll be cold and possibly rainy today through Monday, getting down to 7C at night. I always get told I’m a little sissy boy to be complaining about such weather, but there’s several factors which make it more miserable in Taiwan when it gets below 10C. The main factor is the humidity. Most places don’t have 90% humidity when it is this cold. The next is that houses here have crappy windows and little or no insulation, and mostly concrete or brick walls with no carpeting. And finally, most houses don’t have heaters. We actually ended up buying an oil-filled electric radiator (Made in Germany) this winter, but that’s just for the living room. All in all, if it is 7C outside, it’ll be close to that inside as well. This is not too bad for sleeping since we have enough thick comforters, that it’s fine there under the covers. But when actually up and about, it’s pretty cold. With the high humidity you have to be careful to wear just the right amount of clothes, because if you wear too many you’ll start sweating and then you’ll get damp and miserable.

Not much to report on yesterday since scrungew00t was out with relations, so I got caught up on email and cleaning up my disk a bit. Today is his last day here, but he leaves almost at midnight, so still have time to do some more stuff.

2 thoughts on “Brr…”

  1. Right now in my neighborhood it’s a balmy 6F (-14C) outside.

    And yet, I’m with ya 100%.

    It’s sunny today, the snow is bright, we’re seeing blue sky for the first time since New Year’s, and I live in a house with double pane storm windows and central heat. I dress for the weather, and my walk into work is fine. I like days like today. It’s dry, and I’m honestly not cold walking around outside.

    My unfavorite weather is when it’s between 35 and 40F (1-5C, ish) and either raining or horribly drizzly. Those days the wind is raw, because it’s humid and wet, and it just wicks all the warmth right out of my bones and I’m miserable. I prefer colder weather but dry to the “on the border” weather with drizzle, any day of the week, absolutely.


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