scrungew00t goes home, Emily gets upset

Today was scrungew00t‘s last day in Taiwan, just dropped him off at the bus to the airport. He ended up with so much crud that he didn’t have enough luggage space, so I lent him one of my suitcases. Even with that extra one it was pretty tight. That actually works out fine for me, because my suitcases are usually nearly empty on the way to the US but I bring back two full suitcases of crud. So effectively I’m getting him to take the suitcase back for me.

Unfortunately when Emily saw me walk out the door carrying my suitcase, she burst into tears saying “Daddy, don’t leave!” No matter how much I explained to her, she thought I was going on a trip somewhere. So when I came back 20 minutes later, she was surprised and said “Daddy, you’re back!” She’s been going to daycare for the first time this week, so she’s kinda stressed out about a lot of things and she was in an especially bad mood today. Poor baby.

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