Third time’s the charm for brownies

Tonight I made brownies for the third time and finally got them to come out well in the new oven. This time I used both elements for the first twenty minutes, then just the bottom for the last ten minutes. And while I had the ball rolling, I whipped up a batch of chocolate chip cookies from the chocolate chips I got last week at Jason’s. The first batch was the opposite of the first brownie batch, singed on the bottom, fine on top. If it’s not one thing it is another. Fortunately with the size of the oven it worked out to four batches, so I was able to get the next three to come out fine by doing both elements for 5 minutes, then just top for 4 minutes.

The recipes I used are from Hershey’s Kitchen. They have a lot of great recipes on their website in addition to the ones they print on the label. The brownies I made are HERSHEY’S Best Brownies and for cookies I used the HERSHEY’S Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe. For all their recipes, go to There’s a lot of recipes in each category but you can get right to the best ones by clicking on the “Top 10” link for each category. By the way, I made both WITHOUT NUTS. I like nuts just fine, but for some reason I don’t care for them in cookies and brownies.

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