yesterday’s upgrade

For those that are used to doing Solaris upgrades, you may have noticed that before when you did an upgrade instead of a fresh install, the config info you enter for hostname, name service, timezone and stuff was all ignored and it would leave it the way it was before. One of the new things with Solaris 10 is that it actually updates the system with the info you type into during the install. I can see why that would be useful, but the fact that it ignored it in the past made it easy just to breeze past those questions entering random stuff quickly and then hit upgrade knowing that the system would leave it the way it was. So you can’t do that anymore. Bummer. That also means cleaning up resolv.conf and re-enabling IPv6 because I answered some stuff wrong. Oops.

Besides that for some reason my startup for running /usr/local/sbin/named instead of /usr/sbin/in.named disappeared during this upgrade. Not really sure how, but I had to put that back too.

The terminal server is still randomly crashing, but now it is able to stay up for a few hours at a time. So still need to figure out what is going on there, but it is staying up long enough that it’s actually useful. Yay.

Today will try to upgrade the last remaining build 69 server to build 72. That’s the one that Rick uses as a router and died and set into motion all this upgrading.

Emily went off to school today without complaint. This morning they have a field trip to a candy factory, so should be fun for her.

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