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Yesterday I went down to Tianlong Bookstore down near the train station. Actually I got off at NTU Hospital Station and walked through 228 Park which I hadn’t been to before. Anyways, Tianlong is a great bookstore that carries only computer books. And even better, they are split half and half between English and Chinese books. The regular bookstores, even Page One, hardly carry any computer books in English anymore, so I tend to lug a bunch back from the US when I go. But now that I know about this bookstore, I’ll get most of them there. Prices are about even to US retail prices when translated to Taiwan Dollars. For example, I got a book that is marked USD39.99 and the price was TWD1320 which is about USD41.58 currently. So not really worth it to buy at Amazon for 20% off and then have to lug it back with me. After I spend TWD6000 they’ll give me a discount card too.

I also went down to Mami Store, a small shop near the Taipower Building stop that specializes in baking supplies. Got some more cocoa powder and chocolate chips, but since they had the chips price in grams instead of ounces, I didn’t know that their’s are actually a bit more than the ones at Jasons.

Later we tried to go to Alleycat’s for pizza, but they were really busy last night and couldn’t fit us in. Two times in a row not able to eat Alleycat’s pizza, so getting frustrating. I’ll have to try going during the week to make sure to get some good pizza at last. It’s nice to see his place doing so well though, and another example that real uncorrupted western food can be successful here.

Today is Sunday which normally would be a family day, but since it is just before Chinese New Year, and tradition is to get your hair cut before CNY, her shop opens 7 days a week until CNY. So I’m on my own today, but just bumming around at home.

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  1. Bookpool also does international shipping via DHL. I have only purchased books online at (Oracle Press and O’Reilly are greatly discounted). I just never tried for books, but I have heard great things about timely delivery when in stock. Most brand new books can be had at bookpool for 35-50% off. So if getting several books it might be worth it or for a hard to find book it will come out to about the same as a cover price in the states. Of course last resort.


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