Kyoto City Day 3

Yesterday I had free of meetings, but I still hadn’t finished updating my presentation materials for Thursday, so I spent most of the day in the hotel room adding slides and tweaking things here and there. I think I’m pretty satisfied with it now.

The session I’m presenting at is on the topic of Zombie PCs and specifically about how they are used for spamming and what can be done about it. At the last minute we got some pressure to add Mr. Hua Wang (王华) from China Telecom as a speaker, and I was told he would talk about how they deal with Zombie PCs, so I agreed to let him into the session too. Yesterday we got a copy of his presentation materials and it had only a little bit on zombies, so we had to back-pedal on that. hserus and I sat down with him and Yuxiao Li (李欲晓) from Internet Society of China to discuss it and decided to do a panel discussion at the end instead, with him on the panel.

In the evening we had the opening ceremony. It may seem odd to have the opening ceremony in the middle of the week, but the actual conference part starts today. The stuff before are tutorials, pre-meeting, and meetings for related organizations. They converted one of the big halls into a party room with tables with food and beer and wine, and later some desserts. Pretty nice.

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