Kyoto City Day 5

(February 24)

This was the day for our conference track for APCAUCE’s part of APRICOT 2005. We had an afternoon with two sessions, the first one an update of my Tracking A Zombie Army 2005 presentation, then a panel with Dave Crocker, Jim Fenton and Meng Weng Wong talking about sender authentication proposals.

I had come down with quite a cough, and so did Dave, and Meng reported having a cold as well. I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to get my voice through the whole presentation without failing, so I had a bunch of water bottles and cough drops on hand. I came close to losing my voice a couple of times but eventually got in a rhythm and managed to make it all the way through. Dave and Meng managed to make it as well, and managed not to kill each other too.

All in all the sessions went quite well and after some prodding got some good audience questions and comments as well. I was pretty pleased with how it all went.

In the evening they had the closing social with another buffet and plenty of beer. They also had a sake cask opening ceremony and they gave out pine sake cups as souvenirs. It was fun, but I ducked out early so I could pack and get to bed early.

I forgot to mention it earlier, but our Monday meeting was sponsored by Microsoft who paid for the room and refreshments. Thanks! (Please no comments about me selling out.)

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