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The friend who supposedly sent me the invitations swears up and down she knows nothing about it. Because several mutual friends have accounts on my mail server, I checked the logs and found that the invitations were sent by ‘her’ to 7 different addresses on my mail server, all mutual friends. At this point it’s a mystery how happened to get those addresses, but there’s an awful stink about it.

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  1. I got spam from them to my account from a school friend.
    He uses hotmail regularly. I asked him about it and he was like, “I don’t remember signing up for an account at nor inviting you”

    Interesting that is a permutation of scams. I didn’t catch that at first.

    PS: My account is now closed. haha. They close accounts after 30 days of in-activity. I just used it receive HTML spam from Edwards Cinema.


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