Change in weather

The weather is getting hot. I’ve had to actually start turning on the air conditioner, though mostly at night. I have trouble sleeping at night if it’s too hot, but I can usually stand a bit of heat during the day when I’m up and around. I’ve had a bit of a runny nose and watery eyes for a few days. I think it must be allergies because that’s the only symptoms I have. It’s also been raining pretty heavily in the late afternoon and evening. Last night and tonight we’ve had some pretty good thunder and lightning along with the rain.

I had to go around and fix some of the air conditioners tonight because their IR sensors got out of alignment. They’ve actually been that way for a while, with the result that you need to go put the remote right up to the sensor to change the settings. So much for the convenience of a remote. But one of them stopped working completely, so I popped off the top and found out the problem, and once knowing how to fix it, I had to go around and fix the other ones as well. Also one of the remotes got busted because the reset key got wedged. So now I know a little about air conditioners.

But the good news about the warm weather is that it is now Mango season. Man, I love mangoes. The last couple of days my wife has made mango juice and I think I’ve been drinking about 3 large glasses a day. Mostly because I haven’t had mango for months, so I have to make up for lost time a bit. And man oh man are Taiwan mangoes good! Mmm mmm.

And before I forget again, I thought I’d mention I’ll be in the US May 17-June 1. See you then!

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