China Buying Up US Companies?

There’s been a lot of controversy over the threat of China buying up US companies lately. Most of the arguments are a bit flimsy though. This is the real reason to be concerned: Foreign ownership of Chinese steel mills will be barred. China continues to heavily restrict outside investment in Chinese companies, yet they want a free hand to invest in US companies. China needs to be told that their investment in the US must be reciprocated by lifting restrictions on US investment in Chinese companies. It is only fair that they need to play by the same rules in both cases.

2 thoughts on “China Buying Up US Companies?”

  1. Here is an interesting comment from Cisco’s John Chambers back last Sept.

    “China will become the IT (information technology) center of the world,” John Chambers told a news conference,
    according to Reuters. “We believe in giving something back and truly becoming a Chinese company.”

    Cisco and Microsoft have built R&D centers there so they are clearly trying to leverage the talent pool in that area.


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