More on Rove

The current claim by the Republicans is that Rove was told by a reporter that Plame is CIA, not the other way around. The funny thing is that he then turned around and passed this information on to the other reporters. And forget the fact that going around leaking a CIA agent’s identity is dangerous no matter where you got that information. And now the White House says that only a criminal conviction would result in someone being fired.

I guess that whole ‘values’ thing the Republicans claim to have wasn’t about honesty and responsibility. It turns out that ‘values’ is only about hating homosexuals and cutting taxes.

Only a few days ago, they were saying it would be inappropriate to talk about ongoing investigations, but now it’s fine for them to float these new theories about what really happened. That and try to divert the issue by continuing to smear Wilson’s reputation. They continue to claim that Wilson was a liar and his claims that Iraq didn’t buy uranium were proved false. That’s quite surprising, considering that the press has yet to cover the part where anyone was able to prove any truth at all that Iraq tried to buy uranium. Not a thing.

And then there’s the part where they complain that the Democrats don’t have the decency to let this scandal sit until the investigation is completed. Which is quite hilarious when you compare it to any of the Clinton scandals where the Republicans were out slamming on Clinton from the day he entered office until the day he left. Democrats have nothing to be ashamed of in not dropping this issue as long as the Republicans continue to spin the issue with deceptions and smears.

As long as there is any reasonable suspicion of White House wrong-doing, don’t let the issue drop.

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