Arianna has more on Judy Miller

Arianna Huffington has posted another article today: Judy Miller: How Deep Do Her Connections Run?

I’ve tried looking for other sources of this information, and the current stories all seem to point back to the HuffPo. It’s interesting how this story is being ignored by the press, because even if there are inaccuracies, you’d expect this sort of thing would be looked into. Or could it be that the press think it’s more important to continue touting her as a martyr to freedom of the press? (Note to reporters: One of the key problems with the current administration is a complete inability to admit they were wrong about anything. Don’t fall into that same trap.)

Anyways, here’s a sampling of the latest:

– Miller spoke to Cheney adviser Scooter Libby (the other alleged White House source) a few days before Novak published his story exposing Plame’s identity

– Miller was able to get an embed assignment with the team hunting WMDs in Iraq and allegedly wielded inappropriate influence over it (and even with all her help, they found nothing)

– Miller has a relationship going back 10 years with Ahmed Chalabi, the Iraqi dissident who is the now discredited conduit of many pre-war allegations against Iraq

It just about makes one’s head spin. I would really like to see other reporters do some followup on these threads, if nothing more so it can’t be just dismissed as crazy rantings of a leftist blog.

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