Surprise Typhoon

Typhoon Matsa didn’t get a whole lot of coverage over the last few days. It was expected to move northwesterly off the east coast of Taiwan heading up towards the Shanghai area. We were expecting some good rain, but it was expected to mostly just scoot by without much impact. Since we only got the edge of it, we were spared a lot of the strong winds, but we did get a lot of rain. All last night here we got heavy rain, pretty much continuously. Plus the typhoon has started moving slowly in a westerly direction off the north of the island, which means we’ll probably get even more rain through tomorrow. Readings in the Taipei area are as high as 578mm of rainfall, and some places are reporting more than a meter of rainfall. Plenty of mudslides, roads buried or washed out, rivers overflowing, etc. Schools and businesses are officially closed today in Taipei, though there are still quite a few shops that have opened up. No flooding in this area.

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