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Two years ago, Fiona Apple submitted her third album, Extraordinary Machine, to her record label. Since both of her previous albums had gone multi-platinum in sales, you’d think her label would be eager to get it into the stores. But for some inexplicable reason, they instead decided that the album did not have commercial appeal and shelved it instead.

Earlier this year, mp3s of this album leaked out onto the net and garnered rave reviews from those able to get their hands on it. My own opinion is that it is easily a match to her earlier albums, if not a bit better. For anyone who was puzzled by her album being shelved, this removed all doubts as to whether the record label was justified in shelving the album.

It was therefore a pleasant surprise to open the weekly iTunes Music Store newsletter to see a new release from Fiona Apple. No, it’s not the whole album. But it is a small taste of the album. The release is of the album track O’ Sailor and a b-side track, Parting Gift.

If you already have the bootleg mp3s, here are some reasons to buy this single:

1) It is likely that the label will base their decision on whether to release the album or not on whether this single sells well or not. Buying it is a vote in favor of an album release.

2) It’s the right thing to do to replace your bootleg copies once a legit release is available.

3) You don’t have the b-side yet.

4) The single features an updated mix of the track. (As well as a different spelling from your bootleg!)

Click here: Fiona Apple – O’ Sailor / Parting Gift (iTunes Music Store US)

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