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  1. I’m from Ohio, so I grew up where there were special state-run stores which were the only places you could buy alcohol, and they weren’t open on Sundays. Later on they loosened it up so that you could buy beer and wine in regular stores and only hard liquor was still at the state stores. I think they’ve even done away with the Sunday sales restrictions now.

    Here in Taiwan it’s pretty loose. I don’t know if they even have such a thing as a liquor license. At 7-11 you can buy beer, wine, and various hard liquors from local Kaoliang to imported Whisky. It used to be that only the government run Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor could produce cigarettes or alcoholic beverages, but there’s been a gradual opening of importing, and with WTO it’s opened wide up. You still need a license to make alcohol but there’s so many people selling it that I don’t think there’s much restriction on that end of things.

    The beaujolais deal is one of the seasonal specials that 7-11 has where you can pre-order a gift box set of various things. This time of year it’s Beaujolais time. The wine they regularly sell is pretty dismal stuff. You’re better off sticking to the beer or whisky if your only choice is 7-11.


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