Santa Clara

Trip went pretty well. It’s always amazingly easy to travel the first time after the family trip. There’s so many fewer things to worry about. Timed getting to the boarding area just right. They called my section to board just as I got to the line. Turns out the seat next to me was empty, so I got a bit more room than expected. Since I’m going home right before christmas, I expect that flight will be completely full though. Taking the overnight flight made it much easier to sleep and got at least a few hours of sleep, though of course sleep on a plane is never completely restful. We arrived a bit early, and immigration and customs both went quickly, which meant that waiting at baggage claim was the bottleneck. When I went to pick up the rental car, there was a free wifi code in the car. It’s nice to see wifi popping up in lots of places now, but since I never spend anytime waiting around the rental car facility, I’m not sure what the point of wifi access is here. And despite getting some sleep on the plane, I was still able to get to bed around 10pm and sleep past 6am, which was nice. Today I’m looking forward to going to Thai Garden for lunch with edpark today.

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