DVD+R Double Layer media

Ritek made 2.4X DVD+R DL: 6 burns made on two burners: 1 failed, 2 poor quality, 2 mediocre quality, 1 good quality.

Verbatim/Mitsubishi made 2.4X DVD+R DL: Burns at 8X speed in my main burner, all burns with good to very good quality.

The Verbatim media is kinda weird. It’s labeled as 2.4X but has a notice on the box “Approved for High-Speed Burning with compatible 4X/5X … drives” but my BenQ DW1640 drive supports 2.4X, 4X or 8X burning on them, and resulting quality is still very good even at 8X. So the Verbatims definitely exceeded expectations.

The Riteks on the other hand didn’t even meet expectations more than half the time. Frankly I’m feeling pretty stupid for buying any more Ritek products after the 50 pack of 8X DVD+R I bought last spring that had almost 80% failure rate. Never again.

In quantity, Verbatims are going for around $3.40 each while Riteks go for a bit more than $2 each. These prices are getting more reasonable, but still have a way to go before I’ll be buying in any quantity, especially when the cheap ones are crap. In any case, if you want to get in on double layer burning, stick with Verbatim or Mitsubishi brands if you don’t want to feel stupid.

2 thoughts on “DVD+R Double Layer media”

  1. What brand is your DVD burner? I assume you put the latest firmware on it. My point though is: Don’t blame Ritek unless you have two different brands of BURNER and they fail on both. I have an NEC 3540 and Ritek single and double layer have both been flawless for me.


  2. When I posted that I had tried it as I had said on two different burners. I’ve since tried the Ridatas on another burner, for a total of three with similiar results. All had the latest firmware on them. Keep in mind that the DL Ridata media have a RITEK manufacturer code while the ones sold under the Ritek branded label have a RICOHJPN manufacturer code. The RICOHJPN DL media I’ve tried is pretty decent, but it costs as much as the Verbatim/Mitsubishi media. Since the RICOHJPN disks only burn at 2.4X while the Verbatims burn at 8X, it’s an easy choice to make.


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