Tonsillitis Part 2

I’d been taking the medicine the doctor gave me last time and things had been looking up. By the time the medicine ran out I only had a little bit of a runny nose left. Unfortunately this morning when I woke up the sore throat was back again. I went back to the doctor this afternoon. Though it was the same clinic it was a different doctor since they each take every other day. Doctor said the tonsillitis was back again. He was going to send me off with only 4 days worth of medicine even though it’s almost chinese new year and they won’t be open again until next Thursday, so I talked him into 6 days instead. Hopefully that’ll be enough to put the smack down on this bug.

In other news, I signed a franchise agreement with Subway this week and we’re about to finalize a new ten year lease on the shop. Then there’s gonna be remodeling and training and ordering of equipment to do.

I’ve also been playing a bit with OpenWRT. Some of the current broadband routers and wireless access points are actually very stripped down computers running Linux. Some folks have managed to implement a common OS that works on several of these models. The one I have has 4mb of flash as ‘disk’ and 32mb of RAM, which seems minuscule in this day and age, but it’s enough to have a fairly useful OS on it with about 2mb of ‘disk’ free. I loaded up openvpn on it, and that with its other required packages still leaves about 1mb left free. It’s complete enough that I’m thinking I’ll start using it as an Internet router instead of using a Solaris box. It’s got just enough power and flexibility to do what I want, and a lot simpler to manage.

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