3 thoughts on “Measurements For Reference”

  1. Hmm. Those sound just like the Japanese 寸(すん)and 尺(しゃく)and 坪(つぼ) too. I’ll bet it’s the same Chinese measurements, Japan uses.

    In Japan land is still talked about in 坪 but other than that mostly everything remotely modern is metric. I guess Taiwan is similar?


  2. Taiwan being a Japanese colony for 50 years might have something to do with it too. Is there an official conversion rate for the Japanese units into metric? I had a kinda hard time finding the Taiwan conversions, but eventually found several .gov.tw sites using the 3.0303 figure. Other sites claimed everything from 3.0 to 3.3 cm to the Taiwan Inch. I had approximated at 3.03 already by checking that two measuring tapes read about 303 cm to 100 taiwan inches, so I’m pretty sure 3.0303 is correct. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese measurements might be slightly different.


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