Training Dates

Because of timing issues with getting my business formed and the renovations started, I had to push back training to the March 6-17 class. I’ll be posting my travel plans shortly. EVA Air’s online reservations system is broken, so I haven’t booked tickets to SFO yet, but am looking at March 2 arrival and March 20 departure. My other reservations is booked though: I fly SFO to JFK on the morning of March 5 and return the evening of March 17. If my other bookings work out, that’ll give me 2 days before and 2 days after in Santa Clara.

I’ve been a frequent flier with United for a while and have booked more than 400,000 actual miles flown on them. At the beginning of last year I stopped flying them from Taipei to San Francisco because they dropped the direct flight and cut back on their service quality, and I switched to EVA Air. I had still been flying them domestically, but this time I just could not get a decent fare for the times I wanted to fly to JFK. Everything was $600-800 round trip, and most of those were with connections. Even bad times would have cost about $400, and all of those were with connections. On the other hand I found direct flights at the perfect time on Delta/Song for $357 round trip. I could have gotten it down to $300 with connections, but it’s worth a bit more to go non stop. Anyways, United just isn’t giving me any reason to fly them any more.

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