Business Update

The newest hitch is for the walkway sign. In front of shops in Taiwan there’s usually a covered walkway in front under the building. Most shops will have a sign across the outside front of the shop, and another vertical one extending out from the front on the building, but these aren’t visible to someone walking by on the walkway, so there’s also a sign put up in the walkway so that the passersby can see it. The trouble is that the shop to my left has their sign up on the right side, and the shop on the right has there sign on the left side, so I don’t have any place to put up a sign.

At first the barber shop guy said he’d be OK with moving his sign, but now he’s changed his mind about it. Most of the shops have their signs on the opposite side from his, but he still is reluctant to move it. And there’s still a few other shops that have their signs like his. Enough shops don’t have any walkway signs which allows them to get away with such a random system. The vertical signs out front on the other hand are all on the same side for the whole block, and the opposite side from where the barber shop has his walkway sign.

In other news, I have registered for the company web site, and I’ve come up with a revised recruitment poster:

The remodeling guys keep having to take them down as they redo the walkway area, so I keep having to make new ones, and this time reworked things a bit. The sign guy is gonna make a recruitment banner that’ll be done next week that’ll get more visibility. Also once the outer signs go up there should be more visibility as well.

I have a business license now, but need to get the address split to get the correct kind of license.

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