Why Try Harder?

Fatboy Slim last week released a greatest hits album “Why Try Harder?” If you just want the audio CD version, the UK or US versions are pretty much the same. However, there’s also a limited edition version out which is packaged with a DVD of Fatboy Slim videos as well. This version is available in a European and Japanese version. For those of you in the US, I’d recommend getting the Japanese version. It’s already in NTSC format as opposed to PAL for the European version. The US also uses NTSC, so you wouldn’t need to worry about if your player can convert the video. It also includes one extra audio track and one extra video not on the European release. Amazon.com lists a DVD only package that will be released in the US, but no firm release date yet.

FATBOY SLIM: The Greatest Hits – Why Try Harder [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] (Japanese version from CD Japan.)

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