Equifax Still Sucks

It’s that time of year again, boys and girls. If you took my advice last year to go get a copy of your free annual credit reports, it’s time to go get your updated reports. If you haven’t looked at your credit report at all, go do it right now:

Annual Credit Report official site

Anyways, if you recall from last year, I had problems accessing my free Equifax credit report while I had no problem getting my reports from Experian or TransUnion. Last year Equifax was able to generate my report but then would give me bizarre login errors when I tried to access it. I was finally able to get them to unlock it after a few days after finding out how to contact their customer service (which for some reason is treated like a state secret).

This year, I was again able to get my TransUnion and Experian credit reports quite easily. Equifax on the other hand “couldn’t verify my information”, the same exact information the other two CRAs were able to verify just fine. They gave me a PDF form to fill out and mail in. Almost makes you wonder if they do this on purpose to try to get you to end up paying for it.

PS To Equifax: I paid $6 each to Experian and TransUnion to get my credit scores too. Too bad I never got far enough to buy one from you.

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