Grand Opening Sale

Yesterday was our Grand Opening Celebration Sale. Our promotion was a buy one get one free sale on footlong sandwiches, though we allowed it for 6 inch sandwiches, deli sandwiches and salads as well for those who requested it. Anyways, here’s what we went through yesterday:

598 Footlong sandwiches
35 6-Inch sandwiches
5 Deli sandwiches
3 Salads

Total of 641 ‘units’.

Or in other words, a week’s worth of volume in one day. It was, by any way of looking at it, a wild runaway success.

3 thoughts on “Grand Opening Sale”

  1. Was this count pre-one-free? Or does it include the free sandwich too? Are your non-promotion sales so skewed towards foot-longs usually? I am wondering whether these promotions and “super-sizing” are making people eat more (leading to obesity, health problems, etc.).

    Did you make money or lose with the promotion?

  2. That count includes the free sandwiches. Our normal week is split about half/half between foot long and six inch by dollar value, or about 1/3 and 2/3 by number of units. Lunch time is mostly 6-inchers while dinner and weekend sales tend more towards foot longs.

    We also have salads but the volume of those is very erratic still; one day we’ll sell one, another day we’ll sell 12. As for concerns about obesity, most of our foot long sales are to families. A lot of them will order a footlong and have it cut in four pieces to share. And keep in mind that our food tends to be healthier than the jumbo cup of oiled potatoes and extra-lard burgers you get elsewhere as your super-sized meals. Also for Subway in Taiwan, we only sell the discounted fresh value meals with the six inch sandwiches.

    As for whether it made money, I don’t think so. I haven’t done the weekly paperwork yet, but my guesstimate is the sale would be even money or a small loss. I don’t need to pay royalties that day, so that and the extra volume makes up for the free food, but then I also have to figure the marketing costs as well as the cost of sending my staff to karaoke to thank them for their hard work.

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