New Year’s Eve Dinner

Tonight we had Suwa Hanzo (諏訪漢宙), head chef from Tokyo’s Harajuku Street Chinese restaurant Dongpo (東坡) flown into Taipei. He brought along several select cuts of Japanese raised Kobe Beef to prepare for us. To start off the dinner we cracked open a bottle of vintage Grand Vin de Château Latour Pauillac 1992. Dinner also included Caesar Salad, Steamed Crab, Steamed Broccoli, Creamed Ham and Corn Soup, French Bread with imported French Butter, finishing off with a dessert of Cheese Cake with Wax Apple accompanied by premium Alishan Tea. In about an hour we will ring in the new year with a couple of chilled bottles of Champagne R. Renaudin Réserve Brut.

(The above is all completely true and only somewhat exaggerated. Hanzo is my sister-in-law’s boyfriend and came to Taipei for New Year’s. His Chinese restaurant, while renowned for it’s ultra-spicy Mapo Doufu is only a two-person operation. He did indeed fly in today with Kobe Beef to prepare for us though. The bottle of Château Latour has been knocking around our house for at least seven years and nobody exactly remembers where it came from. However, that also means it had gone through a few hot Taiwan summers, so it probably wasn’t as good as it could have been.)

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  1. That 1992Chateau Latour was mine. Once upon a time it were a year before you two met. That was on valentine.s night Maggie was alone at home. she phoned me that she opened a battle of wine wanted and waiting to share with her. Oh god! as I could remembered that was a battle belong to Nick’s friends,somehow somebody was going to take it to HongKong. Maggie did not know the all thing. Normaly she drink no alcohol, so I guess no one has talk her not to touch that battel. That was a 199o Chateau latour which was costs extremely high that year. I was on my trip back from Zurich Switzland. I could not find the same wine to replace it. The only battle I cound found was the battle you guys have drunk on the new year eve. It may taste sour from my heart. well!! Happy new year.

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