New Product Test

We’re starting a product test of baked potato wedges. A couple other stores are in on the test which have started already or will start soon. The different stores are using different prep methods to test which are operationally easier and result in the best product. The method we use is one I came up with.

We started this afternoon at my Xingtian Temple Restaurant. We start with fresh potatoes, topped with a special blend of spices and then baked in our bread oven. When ordered they are toasted in the high-speed oven. A small serving is $20 and a large serving (double size) is $35. They can optionally be topped with a specialty sauce, cheese and/or bacon for an additional charge.

Because this is a test we may not be able to make it available consistently at all times in the beginning while we try to figure out the demand for the product and work through operational issues of how to prep the product. When things are going smoothly at the Xingtian Temple Restaurant, we’ll start serving this at my Qingcheng Restaurant. Please don’t be disappointed if you find it unavailable when you come in.

I’m pretty excited about this. Our snack sales are pretty low because the bagged chips and cookies aren’t very popular with Taiwanese customers. We’ve had a pretty good response to the potato wedges so far, though it is very early. Besides that though, I had a small serving with cheese and bacon to test it myself and it was quite yummy.

Another promotion we are testing which I mentioned on Forumosa but not here is allowing meal discounts with 12″ sandwiches and salads (previously only available with 6″ sandwiches in Taiwan). This is also being tested at a limited number of stores, including both my restaurants.

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