All moved out

So, I’ve now completely moved out of the place in Santa Clara. There was way more stuff to do than I had time for, so I had to extend my return to Taiwan by a few more days. I was originally supposed to go back the night of June 9, but rescheduled for June 14 (actually 1am on June 15). I had wanted to change to an earlier date but the flights were booked. Good news is that there was no change fee for the ticket I had.

I got rid of most of the good stuff through friends and relatives. Then I posted some stuff on Craigslist in the ‘free’ section and got rid of a bunch more. Earth Care Recycling saw my Craigslist post and called about taking the rest of the computer gear. They came by and filled a pickup truck full of gear including the SparcServer 670MP beast.

After that I pulled out any remaining good stuff and took that with some old clothes I didn’t want to Goodwill in Santa Clara. That was 9 moving boxes of stuff and a big stack of clothes. That still left a whole bunch of stuff that wasn’t worth keeping or donating, so I called South Bay Haul Away and they came and filled half a huge garbage truck full of stuff. The trash guys I had to actually pay for though.

In the end I had two X-Terra SUV loads of stuff to take to Santa Barbara. I did one trip down and back on Saturday and then the second trip down on Sunday. I also have a painting that Fine Art Shipping is bringing down for me in the next couple of days. That left me with four days left in Santa Barbara.

Today was my birthday which was spent doing some remaining shopping and finishing my taxes. (Foreign residents get until June 15 to file!) Tomorrow I need to mail off my tax return and some other stuff. (TurboTax says I can’t e-file for some reason or another.) Then I’ll have a couple of days to relax.

miltownkid might come up to visit. He’s hanging out in Pasadena now and said he was gonna come up here for a bit though I still don’t know when.

But anyways, done!

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