I’ve updated Emily’s 2007 Album for 2007-03-24 through 2007-08-05. One thing I’ve been playing with recently is making panoramas by stitching multiple pictures into one large panorama image using Autostitch. Here is one from tonight (well last night by the time this is posted) of the atrium of Core Pacific City Living Mall.

Core Pacific City Living Mall Atrium Panorama
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I’ve also finally posted an album from my family’s 1978 Soviet Union Trip for a bit of history. Here’s a sampling:

Sarah walking to the Ob Sea
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2 thoughts on “Pictures”

  1. Thanks for sharing the USSR photo. They are fantastic. What is the story behind the drawing set box and what appears to be neighborhood kids.

  2. My Dad was a visiting professor at the university in Akademgorodok outside Novosbirsk in Siberia for a month. We were supposed to be staying in a hotel for that time but somehow the reservation was screwed up so after we arrived an apartment was quickly arranged for us. So we got to live in a typical living arrangement for the time (i.e. a family of four crammed into a one bedroom apartment). My sister and I would hang out and play with the local children. We had brought a lot of various kinds of presents to give away to people so we gave the children’s stuff to the neighborhood kids on our last day there.

    It is really fortunate that my Mom had purchased a nice 35mm Pentax SLR just before the trip as she was able to get some really good quality and rare pictures of the Soviet Union of the time. This set of pictures that I scanned was from the ‘slide show’ that we would show people of our trip. There’s more than 100 other slides that I haven’t had a chance to scan yet. The scanner I have at my Dad’s house is pretty good quality but it only scans one slide at a time. I should probably get a better quality one that can scan multiple slides at once. Even so it’s a bit involved to dust the slide, scan it, then crop and adjust (not to mention that the slides are quite old so they aren’t in the best of shape). So it will probably be a while before I get the rest done.

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