Sepat Progress Report 3

Things have pretty much quieted down here. On the way home from checking in at my Qingcheng Restaurant I saw a small tree (really more like a sapling) in front of Nanjing E. Rd. MRT station knocked over, and there were at least two big trees down in Rongxing Park on the Minquan-Jianguo corner, one of which was covering the sidewalk. I also saw a branch down in front of the hospital at the corner of Minquan-Jilin. So looks like we did get some decent gusts earlier this morning even in the city. But it looks like those on the southside of Taipei in Xindian City, Muzha and Yangmei had a lot more excitement than we did, just from being a couple dozen km closer to the storm center.

One thought on “Sepat Progress Report 3”

  1. Glad to hear you weren’t smashed to pieces or anything. I experienced two major hurricanes while living in NC, with the aftermath of both being no power/water for a week or two and an absolute environmental mess. Flooding, downed trees, demolished houses, etc.

    Though admittedly a few of us rejoiced when we heard our high-school principal’s bedroom had a big gaping hole over it during the first hurricane – Hugo I think it was.

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