Free: Ron Paul Bumper Sticker

(By the way that’s a Ron Paul bumper sticker that is free, not a bumper sticker saying “Free Ron Paul”.)

Some dude named Jeff Ready is giving away Ron Paul stickers for free. He’s already given away more than 1000. Show your support for the best US presidential candidate out there.

(By the way, unless your state has an open primary, be sure to change the party on your voter registration so you’ll be eligible to vote in the primary. See your local registrar of voters. For US Citizens overseas, please register through the Overseas Vote Foundation as there are special requirements for registering as an overseas voter.)

3 thoughts on “Free: Ron Paul Bumper Sticker”

  1. I’m surprised you would consider a far right Christian candidate who would basically withdraw the US from pretty much all foreign activity (say, isn’t that what keeps China from actually doing anything to Taiwan?) as the best US presidential candidate.

    Yes, he has some good ideas. But this bothers me.

  2. misinformation. he will not withdraw US from foreign activity, he plans to follow Benjamin Franklins declaration of “Trade with all, ally with none”. We should trade with other countries, but it’s not our place to police the entire world and try to force them over to our way of thinking. Ever heard of something called personal responsibility? How can we supposedly protect Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. etc. when we can’t even secure our own borders and leave them wide open for terrorists to walk into our country? The value of the dollar is worth .14 cents compared to what it was in 1913, the federal reserve keeps printing more money bringing the value down even further and borrowing it from other nations!! It’s bullcrap. Man wake up!! We are in trouble and Ron Paul is the only man not tickling your ears with bs. He’s not worried about gays, he’s worried about something more important like abolishing the IRS, doing away with Income Tax, bringing our troops home to secure the borders… good grief that’s all good news. It’ll be hard for a terrorist attack to take place in America if the borders are secured!! Right now we are wide open and the media tries to keep the country in constant terror. We need someone with original ideas like this man not some corperate puppet!!

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