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I don’t really understand what I like about Bat For Lashes. I first encountered them when iTunes Music Store had their song ‘Horse and I’ as a free Discovery Download in early August. It’s been one I listen to surprisingly often since then and I’ve been thinking off and on about downloading more of their stuff. Today I came across the above video on cygnoir’s blog which for some reason is fascinating to me. I mean, it’s just a girl and Furries riding on bikes on a dark road, but it still got me to watch a few times.

Anyways, I noticed that their album is available in iTunes Plus format (high bitrate/no drm) for only $7.99 so I ended up buying it at last.

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  1. I love human interaction via the Internet. My boyfriend told me about the video, which I loved, so I posted it on my tumblelog, which you read, viewed, enjoyed and mentioned in this post which I read and immediately bought the iTunes Plus album, myself.


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