Vegetables are driving me crazy!

Ever since the last typhoon, the vegetable situation here has been absolutely crazy. This is not an unusual phenomenon; after any typhoon prices usually jump up, but usually just for a few days. But here we are weeks later and still having problems. Previously our problem was related to price. Tomatoes were the worst, tripling in price to TW$180/kg. We had been product testing using pre-shredded lettuce instead of shredding it in-store but they announced they’d be going to TW$200/kg for that so we switched back to shredding it ourselves.

Today our main vegetable supplier only delivered half our vegetable order to each of our stores. They cited market shortage as the reason for the cut in our order. But that leaves us kinda stuck. We order based on our sales level, so having our order suddenly cut means we don’t have enough. On the other hand, Subway specifies how much of each vegetable goes in a sub and that we can only buy from authorized vendors.

All this means we are stuck with no good choice on how to resolve the problem.

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