Change in weather

The weather is getting hot. I’ve had to actually start turning on the air conditioner, though mostly at night. I have trouble sleeping at night if it’s too hot, but I can usually stand a bit of heat during the day when I’m up and around. I’ve had a bit of a runny nose and watery eyes for a few days. I think it must be allergies because that’s the only symptoms I have. It’s also been raining pretty heavily in the late afternoon and evening. Last night and tonight we’ve had some pretty good thunder and lightning along with the rain.

I had to go around and fix some of the air conditioners tonight because their IR sensors got out of alignment. They’ve actually been that way for a while, with the result that you need to go put the remote right up to the sensor to change the settings. So much for the convenience of a remote. But one of them stopped working completely, so I popped off the top and found out the problem, and once knowing how to fix it, I had to go around and fix the other ones as well. Also one of the remotes got busted because the reset key got wedged. So now I know a little about air conditioners.

But the good news about the warm weather is that it is now Mango season. Man, I love mangoes. The last couple of days my wife has made mango juice and I think I’ve been drinking about 3 large glasses a day. Mostly because I haven’t had mango for months, so I have to make up for lost time a bit. And man oh man are Taiwan mangoes good! Mmm mmm.

And before I forget again, I thought I’d mention I’ll be in the US May 17-June 1. See you then!

Personal urinal

I recall having a conversation about this somewhere. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a urinal at home in your bathroom? No more issues with whether the seat is up or down or whatever, no issues with aiming correctly, and you can save time too! Well, yesterday we went to visit my wife’s friend’s new house in Taoyuan. And what do you know, in their main bathroom they have both a toilet and a urinal. And not only that, but it was one of those fancy kinds with the auto-flush censor. If I ever have the opportunity to remodel or build a house, there’s gonna be a urinal in at least one of the bathrooms.