brownies attempt 2

For those who are used to western style kitchens, you’d be surprised to know that Taiwanese kitchens rarely include an oven, other than the microwave or toaster variety. This makes it hard to do any baking. So a couple of weeks ago, Daiichi (泰一電氣) had a fairly good TECO (東元) electric oven on sale. By western standards it’s still pretty tiny, but just big enough to do some real baking in. So the first thing I do is whip up a batch of brownies from scratch. Unfortunately the top came out slightly singed on the first batch. I figured it was because the oven is so small that the top heating element is too close. The oven has a switch to select whether to use the top heating element, bottom, or both, and I had use both the first time.

So last night we had a family dinner so I made brownies again. This time I was going to set it to use just the bottom heating element so the top wouldn’t get overdone. Unfortunately I screwed up and instead set it to use only the top heating element. And when I cut into the ‘finished’ brownies I discovered that the bottom half was uncooked. To salvage things I cut away the unfinished bottom part, reformed it into the pan and recooked it, but it was a little uneven because of the recooking. So hopefully attempt 3 will go better.

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  1. Broiled Brownies!

    Your description of Taiwan kitchens sounds like Japan kitchens. You can buy little ovens all special if you like baking, but most houses just have a gas powered stovetop that sits on a counter.

    Because of this, though, a lot of Japanese cookbooks will have special toaster oven recipes. I have a toaster oven for this purpose. Got it on sale in California back in the day, and it was made in… Taiwan. Learned some Chinese off the controls.


  2. Yeah, most kitchens here have a countertop 2 burner gas stove, and probably a microwave and maybe a toaster or toaster over. Our new house actually has the stove built into the coutner top which is a bit unusual. The electric oven I got is like a jumbo sized toaster oven, just big enough for a pan of brownies.


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