Taiwan Day 1858 or thereabouts: Mongolian BBQ

Hanging out with scrungew00t yesterday. Went out late for lunch, squid and rice noodle soup with sides of some green leafy veggies and hard doufu. Then went to the tallest building in the world to visit Page One bookstore where I looked at the Lemony Snicket books a bit, then down to Jason’s to buy some various stuff but mostly chocolate chips for cookies, then we went back and had Mongolian BBQ. The place we go is a favorite but we don’t go there nearly enough. It is all you can eat, and for the BBQ part it is buffet style to get all the meats (chicken, venison, pork, lamb, beef), whatever veggies you want, and then choose your sauces and spices. When you are done, you hand it to the cook and he prepares it all on a huge wood fired stove. Then with one flick of the chopsticks he flings it into a bowl and serves it up. I usually get Venison with sprouts and onions, soy sauce, shrimp sauce, pineapple, cooking wine, LOTS of fresh garlic, and a bit of chili oil. Mmm, mmm.

Yes, pineapple.

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