Went down to Silex Books today. I signed up for a vip card back in October and they sent me email about it way back then to come pick it up, but I hadn’t gotten around to it. Silex used to be the only place in Taipei you could find a decent selection of Science Fiction books in English. Now we have Page One in the tallest building in the world which has a bit better Science Fiction selection, but they are a lot more expensive. Silex’s main specialty is children to young adult books in English, but they also have a pretty nice Science Fiction section upstairs, and their prices are much more reasonable compared to Page One. Anyways, it turns out they are having a bit of a clearance sale, so I was able to pick up a bunch of books for TWD99 and TWD149 each (that’s about $3 and $5 in US dollars). So, um, now I’m even more behind in my reading.

On the way back the bus driver had the AC on. That’s one thing I still can’t understand in Taiwan. It’s 15C out, so why the hell do you need the AC on? I wish air conditioners would come with an automatic cutoff when it is below 20C, cause there’s no reason to have it on anymore.

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