Emily starts to enjoy school

Emily started going to preschool just over a week ago. For the most part she’s been pretty upset about it, and not really eating much or taking nap time. Today for the first day she actually took a loooong nap and ate half a bowl of noodles for lunch. So we think she is starting to at least get comfortable with it.

Maggie took some of my cookies and brownies to her shop and some of her customers asked if I would sell them. 🙂

One thought on “Emily starts to enjoy school”

  1. when I told my tianmu aunt (ah nuts I have two of those there; well my father’s sister who lives in tianmu, not my father’s brother’s aunt) about your possible biz ventures, she brushed it off and felt that the mr donut crud is all marketing. personally I think word of mouth is a powerful enought marketing.


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