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The alleged Karl Rove treason is getting mixed coverage, but it did make it to the Front Page of the Taipei Times today, so I guess I was somewhat overly pessimistic in my claims that it probably wouldn’t make the front page. Anyone care to comment on where it was placed in your hometown newspaper? Elsewhere, an article by Ted Rall makes the claim KARL ROVE: WORSE THAN OSAMA BIN LADEN while the jokers over at Unconfirmed Sources cover the story in Karl Rove Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom For Defending Identity of Valerie Plame.

United Church of Christ votes to endorse gay marriage

I was brought up going to United Church of Christ churches, so I’m especially happy about this vote.

And finally, in a Taipei Times editorial Call a spade a spade, Brian Schack writes a very funny letter in reaction to the Dennis Hickey editorial I wrote about here a few days ago. It doesn’t take much following of Taiwan-China affairs to notice the things he lampoons.

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