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My recent Equifax problems have now been resolved. Writing to the customer service email address from an old email actually got a response. The response wasn’t terribly useful; basically they said (paraphrased) “We’re not going to say anything helpful on insecure email, but you can call us at the number below for help.” Before I called them, I pulled up their website and made one more attempt to log in. And wonders of wonders, my old username and password worked just fine this time, and my free credit report was sitting right there waiting for me to click on it. So either they unwedged my account, or they had database problems over the holidays.

For reference, here’s how to contact Equifax consumer products customer service:

Email: Customer.Care@equifax.com
Phone: 1-866-640-CARE (1-866-640-2273) Monday through Friday 8am – 3am EST

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  1. It is odd how some companies hide their email addresses, but of course they ask for yours immediately. Amazon is like this too.
    They don’t have an email address only at 1-800 number listed. Interesting they try to make it so you can’t document problems with their service via email. Not that I have ever had a problem with Amazon, but I have heard people complain about this “policy” or any company that requires one’s email address without offering theirs.


  2. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    I applied for the annual free credit report and added my credit score and ranking. What I ended up with was frustration! I couldn’t get in without a sign-on. Absolutely no way to call them, e-mail them, nothing! I searched the internet, came onto your site and found the number to call.
    I still had to wait 18+ minutes before I actually talked with someone!
    By the time I was through, I had a username and password and logged on.

    Thank you again.



  3. First off, I want to thank you for this info. I was ready to pull my hair out in frustration as they make it impossible for you to talk to a real person there. Ok, now my bitch session! EQUIFAX SUCKS!!!! I called the number and it asks for your confirmation number and to press 1 if you have it and 2 if you don’t. I pressed 2, and it hung up on me! Not even an automated “sorry, we can’t help you” WHAT JACKASSES!!!!!


  4. I worked for Starbucks Corporate and they had some laptops taken that were holding personal information. To try and stop the lawsuits, Starbucks gave me a membership to Equicrap. 30 minutes and no login, no number to call, no email no help unless your already a member or unless you want to pay $8 to get a report online. I was looking at sending registered mail to the PO Box, but I am not that patient. I found your site, called and then spoke with “Jen”. When she was done and I was able to connect, I asked her where on their website was there a number to call for help if you could not login and you were not a member. She had no answer.
    Thank you very much!

  5. Thanks for posting this information up! It’s March of 2007, and I’m getting the same errors you were getting. It’s almost as if they have a broken registration process just to make you purchase their extra products. a-holes.

  6. Thanks for posting that customer service number. As of November 28, 2007, it still works (how long before they “fix” that?). It sucks that you need to log in to find a phone number, but it REALLY sucks when you can’t even set up an account.

    Here’s another Equisux number that I haven’t seen anywhere on their lame website. This is for the department responsible for placing security freezes on credit reports:


    I hope this helps someone else whose is frustrated with them.

  7. Thank You so much for that number as of April 2008 the 1-866-640-CARE still works! I endured the same frustration as many others, you sign up for the free annual credit report only to find out you must have a username and password so I read the misleading directions and purchased some products thinking I could create a username and password after my purchase but nope. The few numbers you could find on their site only led to automated voices and no human contact. Even after I called this number the first agent gave me useless info and I had to call back and finally I found a “gem” within Equifax who stayed on the line until I was logged in. Equifax=Horrible Customer Care.

  8. Wow, this company sucks. They should fire either their CTO or their Customer Experience VP. After enduring thru 30 minutes of frustrating website experience, and lack of anyone to call, I found the posted number, and had to call a few times since they kept hanging up the call as soon as I picked option 2. Somehow I got thru and was able to get an account setup and then login to get my report. But the Customer Service Rep told me that if I pretend to buy a product and go thru a couple of screens, then just not pay, I would be able to register and have an account that I can then use to get my report. So I thought I would post this on this thread for people pulling out their hair and using choice words for Equifax.

    Funny thing was that the CSR asked me if I would like to buy any more products after hearing me talk about their crappy website…

    Worst customer experience ever on a website…

  9. Equifax SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Customer Service is horrible! Thanks for the customer care’s number. It was no where on their website. All I wanted is for the dispute department to verifiy an item on my report as being paid/satisfied (item was paid one year ago). When I initiated a dispute (which is now a total of three times), it took them only two days (when they ask you to give them 45 days to investigate the item), to “investigate” the item to tell me it belong to me. I disputed the same item again and took the liberty of photocopying documents proving I paid the item off. The responded asking me to send them a copy of the drivers license and social security card for security reasons and they mailed me a letter telling me my social security number is reporting correctly on my report. They said nothing about item I was disputed but told me my social security number is correct. Again, I disputed the item because all I want them to do is update my report as saying paid/satisfied (this is the third time now). I called the customer care number at this point, sure glad I had my confirmation number. The representative told me that they don’t have any recording of the supporting documents I mailed to them but my only my photo ID and social security card copy. At this point, still haven’t gotten anywhere besides allowing the representative initiate another dispute which he told me would take up to 45 days. We will see if they respond telling me the item belongs to me in two days.

  10. Thank you so much -I am so happy to have found this page. The phone number still works and I actually had a very nice lady help me. Again – thank you!

  11. Interesting, went to Annual credit report. com and was told at Equifax that it could not complete my request online, so I had to send them a form (one month ago) and have not heard since, will try these numbers, but you are correct, unless you purchase something, there is no way to communicate immediately. Are they so large, they can bully to refuse to have avenues of communication to check on my request? Then trans Union sends me a E-Mail stating I was due a free credit report,but when I went to receive it, a warning came up that the security Certificate was not right and I should not procede. Who or How do I check this out? Thank You Carl

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