New Year’s Day

Yesterday my wife’s shop had their year end party (in this context ‘year end’ refers to the lunar year which ends on January 28 this year). This year they did a hot spring day at a hot spring resort in the hills above Tianmu, north of Taipei. We had a private dining room complete with KTV (Karaoke on a TV). Highlights of the lunch were the lobster, sashimi, and spicy scallops. These scallops were probably the biggest I’ve seen, all at over 2 inches in diameter. Brother Xie was there too and ordered a bottle of Johnny Walker Green Label (15 year blended) Whiskey which we actually managed to completely polish off. Over the afternoon various groups went out to visit the hot spring baths. We were also going to go to KTV in town in the evening with my mother-in-law, but my sister-in-law Elly wasn’t feeling well, so we stayed home and had a pizza from Julia’s instead.

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