Yellow Fever

There’s an interesting funny documentary called Yellow Fever about all those white guys picking up asian chicks. Any guesses on what the t-shirt says? The resolution is too low to read the 3rd and 5th characters.

EDIT: akibare has better eyes than me. She says it looks like “白人看不懂” which would be “White People Don’t Understand”. I’m pretty sure that’s the right 3rd character though the 5th character is still too fuzzy for me. But it fits the context.

EDIT2: Duh. akibare noticed that the credits show “Bai Ren Kan Bu Dong T-Shirt provided by“. (Who the hell reads credits?) Also the downloadable version on the Wong Fu Productions home page is much clearer than the version on Google Video and it’s very clear to see the shirt. I’ve updated the link above to point to the better quality version.

EDIT3: Comments provided a better translation: “White people can’t read this”.

EDIT4: Hey!

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