Second Week (Part 2)

Thursday was all classroom session again, stuff like security and point of sale system. Friday morning was online training options, marketing, and then a final International session on leasing. Since all of us in the International group were already done with leasing or close to it, the leasing guy just did an informal Q&A.

Then at 11am we started in on the final. It was split into two parts so that we could go to lunch between the two parts. The final was pretty complicated and took me until almost 3pm (including lunch break). I ended up getting 97.5 on the final, so I managed to just scrape by with a pass. 😉

My diploma was ready shortly after finishing the test, and went down to the car to cram my books into my suitcase and head to JFK. Traffic was quite light all the way until getting to the Van Wyck Expressway between La Guardia and JFK. But with the early departure I got checked in well before my flight. Again there was a long line for check in desks and no wait for the self check-in machines. wtf?

The in flight satellite service was still kinda busted. About 1/4 of the channels weren’t working, but the rest of the channels came in clearly most of the time. I managed to get in to Santa Clara and in bed by 1am. I woke up at a little past 6am but forced myself back to sleep until 8:30am.

This morning I went to the bank to wire money for the equipment imported from the US for my shop, then edpark and I went to lunch at Thai Garden. scrungew00t was supposed to go with us, but he decided to go to Seattle with some chick. It was great as usual. This afternoon I did some final shopping errands including picking up a 512mb USB stick for $9.99 after rebate at Fry’s.

Tonight is dinner with Jenny and Trent and family and Jenny’s sister too. Tomorrow night I’ll be heading back to Taipei and will arrive early Tuesday morning.

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