Second Week (Part 1)

Monday started out with a quiz. The rest of the day was all classroom stuff. For the last couple of hours the dozen or so International folks like me split off to a separate session. Tuesday we were in store the whole day. This time we were mostly on our own. The manager was there, but she wanted us to do as much as we could on our own. We did pretty well. Wednesday morning we were back in the store again, this time to do weekly inventory and paperwork. After we were done it was back to the training center. They had a store opened up downstairs selling Subway branded stuff so I got a few shirts and some Subway toys for Emily. By then the latest quiz results were up and I had aced it again, including the bonus question for 105 points. At this point that means I only have to get 56.5% on the Final to pass the course with the required 80% average. The rest of the afternoon was class, again with the International group splitting off for the last part of the day.

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